Tips on Buying, Cooking and the Benefits of Eating Shrimps

sf2.PNGShrimps make a delicious meal, a tasty side dish, or an appetizer. Some people like eating shrimps regularly, and they are healthy for the body. There are a variety of ways that you can prepare the shrimps, but they should never be overcooked, they can be grilled, saut? and many other ways that shrimps can be prepared, but they should not be overcooked. This is one of the important to tip to know when cooking shrimps. There are also other things that are important when it comes to buying and cooking the shrimps. The following tips can help you so that you can buy the best shrimps and also prepare them well. Discover pier 33.

You can do a tail test and when and if you are buying shrimp that has been caught and cooked on board. Before it is delivered to the stores, do a tail test so that you can know if it is fresh, straighten the shrimps out under the light and check how large the gap is the one that is between the shell and the meat. The gap should not be too wide because if it is the shrimp is either overcooked has been in the fridge for too long. You should also avoid the slime. If the shrimp feel slimy or silky, you should avoid buying because they are not good. You should also consider if the shrimps are fresh. And when you are buying the precooked shrimps check the shell which should have a shiny clear glossy shell. It should have long feelers which are still intact. For the raw shrimps, it should have the same shell and the legs intact. Visit for more.

When you are cooking shrimp, do not overcook, because if you overcook, they will have a taste like bland rubber. Some people prefer to eat them less cooked, others raw and others almost raw, it is a choice on how you prefer your shrimps to be cooked, thaw the shrimp well, and they should be cooked sooner rather than cooking them later. When you buy the fresh shrimp, make sure that you cook them on the same day. This is because they are very perishable and if you delay them for too long they will go bad. Make sure that you clean the shrimps properly. This will help in getting rid of all the parts of shrimps which can cause the foul flavor which should not be consumed. You can either prepare the shrimps by broiling; pan frying or grilling them depending on your favorite. The shrimps contain omega-3, fatty acids, and they help in the functioning of the brain, our growth and also the development. Visit for more information.